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Biogas Technology - The Process

  • Anaerobic (obligate and facultative) bacteria break down and simplify complex organic compounds through a series of well-defined steps for Biogas generation.
  • Biogas is composed of methane and carbon dioxide in app. 3:2 ratio along with much smaller quantities of water vapors, sulfur, nitrogen and other trace compounds.
  • Organic feedstocks like crop/agri residues, kitchen residues, animal wastes or similar materials serve as “substrate”.
  • Agri residues and large sized vegetations are generally broken down.
  • Diluted substrate is thoroughly mixed to form a slurry, that undergoes anaerobic digestion in the sealed oxygen-free chamber.
  • The remaining material is removed from the chamber as sludge/ effluent and the biogas is collected under pressure for subsequent usage.