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About Nature+

Nature-positive production has been identified by the UN Food Systems Summit as one of the five crucial pathways towards a sustainable food system. There are several nature-based activities and businesses already running on-ground, however most of them are not support by enough scientific evidence. As a result, theses nature-based solutions lag in terms of scaling up and do not become a part of the mainstream.

NATURE+ initiative addresses the questions about re-imagining, co-creating, and implementing agrifood systems based on NPS. It aims to ensure that agriculture is a net positive contributor to nature while providing unbiased support to rural life and livelihood. The initiative has been divided into five work packages (WPs) as shown in figure below –

Concept Of Innovation Hub

The vision behind the proposed Innovation Hub is to create a knowledge repository on circular bioeconomy for providing guidance and hands-on training on establishing and sustaining small and medium scaled businesses based on agri and other forms of rural wastes. With IWMI taking the lead, the proposed innovation hub will be launched virtually and physically in the form of a small secretariat hosted by BAIF Development Research Foundation, Pune, Maharashtra, INDIA. The overarching objective of the innovation hub is to unleash the potential of circular bioeconomy in India, starting with the state of Maharashtra. It also aims to accelerate the progress of bio-residue based business to supplement the overall income of the farmers and create new growth avenues for the local communities.

To achieve these, various activities categorized into these 4 components will be implemented.
Component 1- Formation of Innovation Hub
Component 2 – Awareness creation programmes
Component 3 – Codesigning of business models
Component 4- Implementation of selected business models

A brief overview of components and sub-components of Innovation Hub have been summarized in the following figure –